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Monday, September 08, 2008

Hello again -- [links] on rednecks and information overload

Ok well it's been almost 2 months so I guess I should proclaim my existence in cyberspace, and say something already. Doing this makes me frustrated. I don't knwo who my audience is. Sure I know some of the people who are aware aof and interested in what i write here (all 2-3 of you), but that's not enough for me to want to write here. I

On my Sitemeter statistics I still get hits for my discussion of Auden which started here.

Here is an interesting post I read on a political blog yesterday

Rednecks and offense

about the change in the connotations of the word "redneck" in re: "an onslaught of redefinition from the Republican noise machine (plus the redneck comedy stuff)":

Should liberals appreciate “redneck pride” as a reclamation in the same way that feminists reclaimed the word “bitch” or gay people reclaimed the word “queer”?

The author proceeds to offer herself as a fascinating case in point. Sher grew up as a "redneck" but is now a "latte liberal":
I’ve let dogs sleep in bed with me and I prefer the old-fashioned match to air freshener in the bathroom.
I confess I didn't read the whole post. These redneck liberals are so long-winded...

Ok that was an unforgivable bit of gratuitous sarcasm. Pardon my mood. And shame on me for not reading the whole thing. Sorry but I'm suffering from information overload (I bookmarked this post but have yet to read it). Us information professionals have it ruff. As you see I'm reduced to barking.


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